Oilivis has a very short supply chain: all manufacturing and transformation processes take place within the company.

This allows us to offer high quality genuine and natural products.
Oilivis cultivates about 10 hectares of olive trees, consisting mainly of Ogliarola Garganica, but also of other varieties such as Leccino and Picholine.

All stages of processing are controlled with dedication.

We start with the ”mignolatura”, which consists in the formation of cluster inflorescences, called precisely little fingers, to then arrive at the ”flowering” in the spring.

It is only in the “setting” phase, after the use of copper and preventive treatments against the moth, that the fruit is formed.
Around the month of September we enter the “veraison” phase, a period in which the olive begins to change color, from green to yellow to dark purple. Fertilization and irrigation are important to enlarge the fruit.

The last phase is that of “complete maturation”, which, depending on the climatic conditions, takes place between November-December-January.

This is the period in which ripening checks are carried out through the analysis of the sigmoidal curve of the drupe: this is the moment in which the harvest begins.

This is done with the use of cutting-edge technologies that make it possible to minimize damage to the plant and the olives to preserve their quality.
In less than 12 hours, the oil olives arrive at the mill, the table ones are transferred to the transformation.


The olives are brought to the minor possible time at the Mitrione oil mill and othersmechanical, chain process continue, yes gets a oil extravergine of the highest quality.


The olives from the field arrive in the laboratory, where they are defoliated, calibrated, washed and selected manually.
After this careful selection, the olives are placed in brine where the biological debittering phase begins, in which the level of bitterness decreases in a completely natural way.

Fermentation follows, a process that gives particular organoleptic connotations and makes the product unique.

Chemical treatments are not used in all phases: this above all contributes to making Oilivis olives a natural product of excellent quality.