Monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica

Monocultivar Ogliarola Garganica

Ogliarola Gargano is a native cultivar widespread on the Gargano, cultivated since Roman times.

It is a vigorous and rustic variety that ripens around the months of October and November.

The oil has a particular yellow color with green reflections and a fruity flavor of medium intensity.

It has an average bitter and spicy scent due to the presence of antioxidant phenolic compounds that are particularly beneficial for the human body and this makes it a harmonious and full-bodied oil.

ABB. It is a perfectly balanced extra virgin olive oil and in fact it goes well with delicious and multiple combinations. It can be used as a condiment for first courses, raw meats, bruschetta, vegetables and salads.

In the Apulian tradition it is combined with dishes such as pancotto, broad beans and chicory, bread and tomato. But it cannot be missing raw on a plate of orecchiette.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sources of light and heat.