The Gargano, with its golden beaches, bays and sea caves, with its forty thousand hectares of woods and forests and with its two lakes, is a unique and fascinating territory in which colours, scents and flavors are enclosed.

This rich ecosystem has allowed the cultivation of wheat, vines, citrus fruits, but above all of the olive tree; in fact, since ancient times, its cultivation has always characterized the landscape and countryside of Puglia.

Even today, the art of olive-growing represents an agricultural and cultural resource of extraordinary importance for local communities.

Carpino rises like a jewel set in the Gargano, a predominantly hilly area that extends between the Umbra Forest to the south and Lake Varano to the north.

From its favorable climatic conditions and the peculiar composition of the soil, combined with the dedication of the farmers, a high quality oil is born.

Antonio Mitrione grew up among the millennial olive trees that characterize the landscape.

Driven by love and interest in his territory and its riches, he decided to stay in his home country to combine tradition and innovation by treasuring his studies and experiences.

Following in the footsteps of his father Nicola, his dream is to pay attention to the quality of raw materials and respect for the environment, offering a completely natural line of extra virgin olive oil, pickled olives and paté.

Oilivis is therefore the realization of this dream: a young company that has solid roots in the past and an attentive eye towards the future.